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Name Last update Score Registered Description
quack 1.0.0, 10 years ago 0.62014-Aug-01A compile-time duck typing library for D
belleglade 1.0.0, 3 years ago 0.62021-Oct-31a tool to make working with GtkD and glade easier by generating a D class that connects handlers t…
alid 0.1.6, 2 years ago 0.62022-Sep-12'cached' that stores elements of InputRanges as ForwardRanges efficiently, and other modules
basic-string 1.0.0-rc.2, 2 years ago 0.62021-Aug-06Mutable @nogc string struct using `std.experimental.allocator` for allocations.
betterclist 0.2.2, 3 years ago 0.62020-Dec-22Dynamic list backed by array compatible with betterC
d-speech 0.0.1, 5 years ago 0.62019-Apr-16speech processing toolkit for D
elembuf 1.2.3, 4 years ago 0.62020-Jun-11Simple to use circular buffer/array for efficient IO
elo-rating-d 1.0.0, 10 years ago 0.62013-Nov-03ELO rating system in D
arith-eval 0.5.1, 6 years ago 0.62016-Jun-24A minimal math expression evaluation library.
dpmatch 0.0.11, 5 years ago 0.62019-Apr-20Pattern Matching for D
tui 0.0.1, 2 years ago 0.62022-Aug-26Terminal UI.
libnspire-dlang 0.0.1, 4 years ago 0.62020-Dec-02DLang bindings to libnspire
derelict-notmuch 0.0.1, 7 years ago 0.62017-Jul-23A dynamic binding to the notmuch library.
coverd 1.0.0, 8 years ago 0.62016-Jun-12Code coverage HTML reporter for language D listings
mathed 0.2.0, 10 years ago 0.62014-Jul-07Small math library for D
bformat 3.1.3, 3 years ago 0.62020-May-02bformat socket writer and reader
mutils 0.0.3, 6 years ago 0.62017-Jul-11Marvelous utilities for everything and nothing
xcb-util-wm-d 0.5.0+0.4.1, 8 years ago 0.62015-Nov-09D Bindings to libxcb-ewmh and libxcb-icccm
littlecms-d 1.1.0+2.14.plus48, a year ago 0.62022-Jan-24D bindings and pre-compiled libraries for the little CMS color management system
de_util 0.1.5, 6 years ago 0.62014-Dec-16Utility code for the Devisualization projects.

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