anchovy 0.3.0

Set of multimedia libraries for games and gui applications

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Set of multimedia libraries for games and gui applications. Currently in active development, so usage in big projects is not recomended. API can change with every version.


  • anchovy.core - basic interfaces.
  • anchovy.utils - additional helpers.
  • - windowing and rendering.
  • anchovy.gui - skinnable graphical interface. The only usable package right now.

####planned packages:

  • - OpenAL sound manager.
  • - client-server framework.
  • anchovy.locale - translation management.


  • dlib
  • Derelict3:
  • |-util
  • |-opengl3
  • |-glfw3
  • |-sdl2 // currently optional.
  • |-freeimage
  • |-freetype

##Contributing: Any improvements, bug reports, feature-requests are appreciated.

##Building (Now builds and works in linux too) ###Windows and linux Go to deps folder. Execute there:

dub install --local derelict
dub install --local dlib

Compile Derelict3 using its build/build.d script

and dlib using

dub build --arch=x86

x86_64 is not tested and probably won't work.

Build build.d file located in root folder and run it. All .lib files will be located in /lib folder. Gui demo will be located in bin folder.

In order to run compiled example you will need to download resourses from latest release.

###Linux You will need to install glfw3 library.

  • Andrey Penechko
Sub packages:
anchovy:core, anchovy:graphics, anchovy:gui, anchovy:utils
anchovy:graphics, anchovy:core, anchovy:utils, anchovy:gui
0.8.3 2015-Dec-19
0.8.2 2015-Nov-07
0.8.1 2015-Sep-05
0.8.0 2015-Jul-18
0.7.1 2014-Oct-23
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