antlr-d 1.7.3

ANTLR4 runtime library

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Manual usage
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The D runtime library for ANTLR 4, mainly an adaption of original Java runtime library.

This Software is under development but tested on different grammars of ANTLR version 4.7.2 yet. This D version of ANTLR 4 supports UTF-8 character streams.


  1. Download or clone the package
  2. Change directory to the root of the package and call dub.
  3. You will find the generated ATLR D runtime library in lib/libantlr-d.a
  4. The ANTLR tool for D will generated by make build_examples (./build.ps1 build_examples on windows) in build/antlr4-4.7.2/tool/target/antlr4-4.7.2-complete.jar


ANTLR tool
  • java 1.8
  • maven
  • 7-Zip (Only on windows)


Put the

grammar Expr;
prog:	(expr NEWLINE)* ;
expr:	expr ('*'|'/') expr
    |	expr ('+'|'-') expr
    |	INT
    |	'(' expr ')'
NEWLINE : [\r\n]+ ;
INT : [0-9]+ ;

in the file Expr.g4.

Now call

java -jar -Dlanguage=D build/antlr4-4.7.2/tool/target/antlr4-4.7.2-complete.jar Expr.g4

and the correspondig Lexer, Parser and Listener D-Source files are generated. Use the the -visitor option in cli

java -jar -visitor -Dlanguage=D build/antlr4-4.7.2/tool/target/antlr4-4.7.2-complete.jar Expr.g4

and additional ExprVisitor.d and ExprBaseVisitor.d sources will be created.


  • ANTLR based tests not finished
  • Egbert Voigt <>
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