bindbc-libmicrohttpd 0.0.2

Bindings for libmicrohttpd

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Manual usage
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Unofficial BindBC dynamic and static bindings for libmicrohttpd, a small HTTP daemon library.

On Windows, you'll need the archive.

On Ubuntu, you'll need the libmicrohttpd12 shared library package to run. Otherwise, for the static configuration, the libmicrohttpd-dev package (for libmicrohttpd.a).


Currently, the supported versions are listed below.

VersionFound inConfiguration
0.9.59Ubuntu 18.04Baseline, no versions defined
0.9.66Ubuntu 20.04LibMicroHTTPD_v000966
0.9.75Ubuntu 22.04LibMicroHTTPD_v000975

Defined versions also effect static configurations.

I currently don't have a list of functions with their corresponding versions so the versions are rough, but I don't think I'd mind supporting more versions.

The MHD_VERSION constant is defined depending on the version configured.


While this package is using the Boost license, the libmicrohttpd library is licensed LGPL 2.1.

libmicrohttpd Copyright:

     Copyright (C) 2006-2021 Christian Grothoff (and other contributing authors)
     Copyright (C) 2014-2022 Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
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0.0.2 2022-Oct-24
0.0.1 2022-Oct-22
~master 2022-Nov-11
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