cdf 3.8.0-alpha.2

Common Data Format (CDF) D language prototypes

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Common Data Format (CDF) library D language bindings

CDF files are the most common data interchange format used in space particles and fields research.

Creating a D project using deimos.cdf

Initialzation of new D projects is typically handled via the dub program which is the D package manager and build tool. On Linux, dub is installed directly to your $PATH. On Windows you may need to run:


in the cmd.exe window first. Typically when dub is installed on windows it integrates itself into your existing Visual Studio build enviornment.

The following terminal session illustrates how to initialize a new test program using the CDF library. Commands are the same on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

<pre> dub init <b>mycdftest</b> Name [mycdftest]: Description [A minimal D application.]: <b>CDF Bindings Test</b> Author name [Your Name]: License [proprietary]: <b>Boost</b> Copyright string [Copyright © 2021, Your Name]: Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []: <b>cdf</b> Adding dependency cdf >=3.8.0-alpha.2 <3.9.0-0 Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []: Successfully created an empty project in <b>'/home/you/mycdftest'</b>. </pre>

After the project is generated you should have a dub.json file that looks similar to the following.

   "authors": [
      "Your Name"
   "copyright": "Copyright © 2021, Your Name",
   "dependencies": {
      "cdf": ">=3.8.0-alpha.1 <3.9.0-0"
   "description": "CDF Bindings Test",
   "license": "Boost",
   "name": "my_cdf_test"

The deimos.cdf package does not supply or cdf.dll you'll have to install those on your own. On Linux it best to install these directly into /usr/local instead of /usr/local/cdf as the sub-directory "cdf" is not automatically searched by the linker.

After you have installed or cdf.dll, build your project using:

cd my_cdf_test
dub build

Which will autmatically fetch the deimos.cdf package from the dub repository and add it to your project. If you're having trouble linking to cdf.dll on wondows, update your %PATH% environment variable to include the location of cdf.dll.

Module Creation Notes

The CDF library makes heavy use of function macros to wrap calls to a lower level function named: CDFLib(). In the spirit (for good or for ill) of the old Motif libraries this is a var-args function with custom integer type specifiers. The net effect of function macros paired with a var-args uber function is type erasure. This is unfortunate as code using the CDF libray must provide proper C data types or else calls to CDFLib will fail horribly. The proper data types are not documented in the header but rather in the C Reference manual.

To build the D prototypes, Appendix B of the above manual was used in in conjunction with the supplied C header files cdf.h, and to a much lesser extent, cdfdist.h.

  1. Invoke dstep on the included cdf.h header

  2. Convert the cdf380crm.pdf to Markdown. This was handled via a tool provided at

  3. All D templates that invoke functions with proper type information were left as is.

  4. All templates that call CDFLib() were converted to actual D functions so that type information is available to creators of higher level modules.

The first iteration of this process was handled manually. For future updates an automatic converter shoud be written using the experience gained from converting version 3.8.

  • Chris Piker
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