dale 0.0.1

a paranoid D task runner

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

dale: a paranoid D task runner

pocket sand


$ cd example

$ dub run dale
Running .dub/build/test/arithmancy-test-unittest

$ dub run dale -- -h
Usage: ../.dub/build/bin/dale [OPTIONS]
-l    --list
-v --version
-h    --help This help information.


dale is a task runner for D projects, a more portable alternative to makefiles. dale wraps common dub workflows, providing a convenient way to kick off your various build commands.


  • D 2+



Write some tasks in a dale.d build configuration script at the top-level directory of your D project:

import dl;

immutable VERSION = "0.0.1";

void banner() {
    writefln("arithmancy %s", VERSION);

void test() {
    exec("dub", ["test"]);

void build() {
    exec("dub", ["build"]);

void clean() {
    exec("dub", ["clean"]);

void main(string[] args) {
    mixin(yyyup!("args", "build"));

dub.sdl / dub.json

Now, wire up the dale command line interface by configuring your top-level dub.sdl or dub.json:

configuration "shi_sha" {
    targetName "dale"
    targetType "executable"
    targetPath ".dub/build/shi_sha"
    mainSourceFile "dale.d"
    dependency "dale" version="~0.0.1"
    "configurations": [
            "name": "shi_sha",
            "targetName": "dale",
            "targetType": "executable",
            "targetPath": ".dub/build/shi_sha",
            "mainSourceFile": "dale.d",
            "dependencies": {
                "dale": "~0.0.1"

Watch how he behaves... I hope dale is practicing good manners :P

What happens when you run:

  • dub run dale -- banner?
  • dub run dale -- test?
  • dub run dale -- clean?
  • dub run dale -- build?
  • dub run dale -- -h?
  • dub run dale -- --list?
  • VERBOSE=1 dub run dale -- build?
  • VERBOSE=1 dub run dale -- build build build?


Let's break down the code so far:

  • @(TASK) void name() { ... } declares a task named name.
  • deps(&requirement) caches a dependency on task requirement.
  • exec(...) spawns raw shell command processes.
  • VERBOSE=1 enables command string emission during processing.
  • phony(...) disables dependency caching for some tasks.
  • mixin(yyyup!("args", "build")) registers a default task and wires up any other TASK-annotated functions to the dale command line interface.
  • shi_sha is a feature gate, so that neither the dale package, nor your project's dale binary escape with your D package when you publish your project.

DoN't UsE sHelL cOmMaNdS!1

Just because the dale library offers several supremely convenient macros for executing shell commands doesn't mean that you should always shell out. No way, man!

Whenever possible, use regular D code, as in the banner() example. There's like a ba-jillion packages of prewritten D code, so you might as well use it!


For more details on developing dale itself, see DEVELOPMENT.md.


  • Inspired by the excellent mage build system for Go projects
  • Thank you Kenji for sharing reflection snippets!
  • tinyrick for Rust projects


  • The included example project provides a fully qualified demonstration of how to build projects with dale.
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