dgame 0.6.7

A 2D framework for the D programming Language

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Manual usage
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A 2D framework for the D programming Language

What is Dgame?

Dgame is a 2D framework which is based on the SDL and OpenGL, and is designed for the D programming language. The design rests upon Pygame and as well on the SFML from the C++ programming language.

Why Dgame?

Currently D has only few frameworks for games and window programming, and most of them are C/C++ bindings. Of those Derelict is probaly the most famous and provides support for multiple C/C++ libraries. Dgame also uses Derelict to access the functionality of the SDL and OpenGL. However, unlike the other bindings, Dgame is object-oriented (like the SFML) and is the only one which is completely written in D.


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  • Randy Schütt
derelict-gl3, derelict-sdl2
0.6.7 2018-Oct-14
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0.6.3 2015-Sep-08
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