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IRC parsing library

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dialect:assertgen - Tool for generating asserts for unittest blocks

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IRC parsing library.

What it looks like

API documentation can be found here.

struct IRCEvent
    enum Type { ... }  // large enum of IRC event types

    Type type;
    string raw;
    IRCUser sender;
    IRCUser target;
    string channel;
    string content;
    string[16] aux;
    string tags;
    uint num;
    Nullable!long[16] count;
    long time;
    string errors;

struct IRCUser
        enum Class { ... }  // enum of IRC user types; operator, staff, and similar
        Class class_;

    string nickname;
    string realName;
    string ident;
    string address;
    string account;
    long updated;

struct IRCChannel
    struct Mode { ... }  // embodies the notion of a channel mode

    string name;
    string topic;
    string modechars;
    Mode[] modes;
    bool[string] users;
    bool[string][char] mods;
    long created;

struct IRCServer
    enum Daemon { ... } // enum of various IRC daemons

    Daemon daemon;
    string address;
    ushort port;

    // More internals

struct IRCClient
    string nickname;
    string user;
    string realName;

struct IRCParser
    IRCClient client;
    IRCServer server;
    this(IRCClient, IRCServer);

    IRCEvent toIRCEvent(const string);  // <-- entry point of use

Available build configurations

  • library is the base configuration
  • twitch includes extra parsing needed to interface with Twitch servers
  • bot includes some code specifically useful for bot applications
  • twitchbot is twitch and bot combined

It is pure and @safe in the default library configuration.

How to use

This assumes you have a program set up to read from an IRC server. This is not a bot framework; for that you're better off with the full reference-implementation kameloso and writing a plugin for it that suits your needs.

  • Create an IRCClient and configure its members. (required for context when parsing)
  • Create an IRCServer and configure its members. (it may work without but just give it at minimum a host address)
  • Create an IRCParser with your client and server via constructor. Pass it by ref if passed around between functions.
  • Read a string from the server and parse it into an IRCEvent with yourParser.toIRCEvent(stringFromServer).
IRCClient client;
client.nickname = "...";

IRCServer server;
server.address = "...";

IRCParser parser = IRCParser(client, server);

string fromServer = ":zorael!~NaN@address.tld MODE #channel +v nickname";
IRCEvent event = parser.toIRCEvent(fromServer);

with (event)
    assert(type == IRCEvent.Type.MODE);
    assert(sender.nickname == "zorael");
    assert(sender.ident == "~NaN");
    assert(sender.address == "address.tld");
    assert(target.nickname == "nickname");
    assert(channel == "#channel");
    assert(aux[0] = "+v");

string alsoFromServer = ":cherryh.freenode.net 435 oldnick newnick #d :Cannot change nickname while banned on channel";
IRCEvent event2 = parser.toIRCEvent(alsoFromServer);

with (event2)
    assert(type == IRCEvent.Type.ERR_BANONCHAN);
    assert(sender.address == "cherryh.freenode.net");
    assert(channel == "#d");
    assert(target.nickname == "oldnick");
    assert(content == "Cannot change nickname while banned on channel");
    assert(aux[0] == "newnick");
    assert(num == 435);

// Requires Twitch support via build configuration "twitch" or "twitchagnostic"
string fullExample = "@badge-info=subscriber/15;badges=subscriber/12;color=;display-name=SomeoneOnTwitch;emotes=;flags=;id=d6729804-2bf3-495d-80ce-a2fe8ed00a26;login=someoneontwitch;mod=0;msg-id=submysterygift;msg-param-mass-gift-count=1;msg-param-origin-id=49\\s9d\\s3e\\s68\\sca\\s26\\se9\\s2a\\s6e\\s44\\sd4\\s60\\s9b\\s3d\\saa\\sb9\\s4c\\sad\\s43\\s5c;msg-param-sender-count=4;msg-param-sub-plan=1000;room-id=71092938;subscriber=1;system-msg=someoneOnTwitch\\sis\\sgifting\\s1\\sTier\\s1\\sSubs\\sto\\sxQcOW's\\scommunity!\\sThey've\\sgifted\\sa\\stotal\\sof\\s4\\sin\\sthe\\schannel!;tmi-sent-ts=1569013433362;user-id=224578549;user-type= :tmi.twitch.tv USERNOTICE #xqcow"
IRCEvent event3 = parser.toIRCEvent(fullExample);

with (event3)
    assert(type == IRCEvent.Type.TWITCH_BULKGIFT);
    assert(sender.nickname == "someoneontwitch");
    assert(sender.displayName == "SomeoneOnTwitch");
    assert(sender.badges == "subscriber/12");
    assert(channel == "#xqcow");
    assert(content == "SomeoneOnTwitch is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to xQcOW's community! They've gifted a total of 4 in the channel!");
    assert(aux[0] == "1000");
    assert(count[0] == 1);
    assert(count[1] == 4);

See the /tests directory for more example parses.

Unit test generation

Compiling the assertgen dub subpackage builds a command-line tool with which it is easy to generate assert blocks like the one above. These can then be pasted into an according file in /tests and ideally submitted as a GitHub pull request for upstream inclusion. You can use it to contribute known-good parses and increase coverage of event types.

Simply run dub run :assertgen and follow the on-screen instructions.

Enter daemon [optional daemon literal] (ircdseven): unreal
Enter network (freenode): foobar
Enter server address (irc.freenode.net): irc.server.tld


// Paste a raw event string and hit Enter to generate an assert block. Ctrl+C to exit.

:irc.server.tld PRIVMSG #channel :i am a fish

    immutable event = parser.toIRCEvent(":irc.server.tld PRIVMSG #channel :i am a fish");
    with (event)
        assert((type == IRCEvent.Type.CHAN), Enum!(IRCEvent.Type).toString(type));
        assert((sender.address == "irc.server.tld"), sender.address);
        assert((channel == "#channel"), channel);
        assert((content == "i am a fish"), content);

The output will by default also be saved to a unittest.log file in the current directory. See the --help listing for more details, passed through dub with dub run :assertgen -- --help.


Note that while IRC is standardised, servers still come in many flavours, some of which outright conflict with others.

Please report bugs. Unreported bugs can only be fixed by accident.


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This project is licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0 - see the LICENSE10.txt file for details.

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