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Programming Contest Library.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

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D language library for competitive programming.

Because this library don't register to dub, so add package by hand as follow, please:

git checkout https://github.com/yosupo06/dunkelheit
dub add-local .

How to Execute

  1. Copy sample.d to A.d
  2. Type follow command
  3. Get executable file as ./A
dub run --single A.d

Combine source code

Because for online judge, we can handle single file, We prepared to script that combine source code and this library.

If you type,

dub run dunkelheit:combine -- -i=source.d -o=source_submit.d -c -u

you get source_submit.d.

You can view help of dunkelheit:combine with

dub run dunkelheit:combine -- -h


You can make document with

dub run dunkelheit:document

Online judge survey

  • AtCoder : dmd(2.070.1), ldc(0.17.0), 60000 byte(acutually limit is more bigger?)
  • Codeforces(Warning: windows, 32bit) : dmd(2.074) 64k(65535 byte)
  • Hackerrank : dmd(2.076.1) 50kb(50*1024 ?)
  • Yukicoder : dmd(2.076.0) 64k(65536 byte)
  • yosupo
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