exitclean 1.0.0-beta1

A more respectful core.stdc.stdlib.exit

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


For simple programs (and even some less simple), C's exit function from stdlib.h is very convenient. You can use it in D (import core.stdc.stdlib;), but it's not going to run any destructors or terminate the runtime cleanly.

exitclean deals with this by throwing a custom exception, so all stacks are appropriately unwound. Use it like this:

import exitclean;

void foo()
    if (somethingsWrong)

You can then catch the ExitException yourself in your main, extract the exit code (available as a member code of the exception) and return it.

In order to save effort, exitclean also defines a mixin template to generate a main for you that deals with the try/catch and return automagically. Use like this:

void myMain()
    // Your program here

mixin Main!myMain;

or like this:

mixin Main!((string[] args)
    // Your program here

All that's required is that the function you provide to Main takes either nothing or string[] and returns either void or int.


There are 2 versions that affect the behaviour of Main. ShowExitLoc causes the function name, file and line where exit was called from to be printed to stderr before exiting. ShowExitTrace causes a full stack trace to be printed to stderr. ShowExitLoc is enabled by default in debug builds.


Because we are using an exception, exit will trigger any scope(failure) clauses on the way up the stack.

exit will be blocked by any catch(Exception) statement on the way up the stack.If this is a problem for you, I suggest forking this project and changing ExitException to inherit from Throwable instead of Exception.

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