ezdb 0.5.0

A declarative SQL library similary to Spring Data

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

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EzDb is a database system similar to Spring Data JPA. It currently supports both SQLite and an in-memory database.


Here is a simple example that explains the usage of EzDb:

import ezdb;

// Define the entity representing a single record in a table.
struct SomeEntity
	int id;

	string someValue;

// A repository that functions as the interface to a repository.
interface SomeRepository : Repository!SomeEntity

// Create an instance for the repository.
auto db = makeRepository!SomeRepository;
scope(exit) db.close();

// Create an entity and save it.
SomeEntity newEntity;
newEntity.someValue = "hello, world!";
SomeEntity savedEntity = db.save(newEntity);

Foreign keys

Foreign keys are now also supported. Support for foreign keys is purposefully limited as to avoid issues such as eager/lazy loading, partial data, and cascading. Use them with the following syntax:

import ezdb;

struct Author
	int id;

	string name;

struct Book
	int id;

	string name;

	// Refer to the ID of the author of this book.
	int author;

// Create the repositories
interface AuthorRepository : Repository!Author {}
interface BookRepository : Repository!Book {}

// Open the repositories
auto authorDb = makeRepository!AuthorRepository;
auto bookDb = makeRepository!BookRepository;

// Add an author
Author stevenKing;
stevenKing.name = "Steven King";
stevenKing = authorDb.save(stevenKing);

// Add a book
Book theShining;
theShining.name = "The Shining";
theShining.author = stevenKing.id;
theShining = bookDb.save(theShining);

User-Defined Methods / Custom Queries

It is easy to add a custom query to a repository. This is done in nearly the same way as Hibernate does.

Simply add a method to a repository, like this:

interface AuthorRepository : Repository!Book
	Book[] findByName(string name);
	Book[] findByAuthor(int authorId);

The following query types are supported: |=|=| | find/select | Searches for data, retrieving all data that was found. |


A system requiring a database can easily be tested using the mockRepository function.

import ezdb;

	auto db = mockRepository!SomeRepository;
	SomeEntity mockEntity;
	mockEntity.someValue = "hello, test!";
	// Do the rest of the test here

Other functionality

All supported operations on a database can currently be found in the package ezdb.repository. Check out the documentation!

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