flyweightbyid 0.1.0

Flyweight template based on explicitly named ids compatible with betterC

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


A -betterC compatible Flyweight template based on explicitly named ids for D.

Maintains two thread local or global arrays, one for identified objects, so that only one instance for each ID is loaded at a time, and another for reference counts or boolean loaded flags. Uses automatic reference counting via copy constructors/post-blits and destructors by default, but has an option for manually unloading.

Loading and unloading of instances is fully customizable by passing the right callables to template.

It is available as a DUB package and may be used directly as a Meson subproject or wrap.


import flyweightbyid;

// Some file names that should be loaded only once at a time
enum imageFileNames = [
// Image struct, with a pointer to the data, dimensions, member functions, etc...
struct Image {
    void draw() const
        // ...
    // ...

// Function that loads an Image from file
Image* loadImage(uint id)
    auto filename = imageFileNames[id];
    Image* img = new Image;
    // ...
    return img;
// Function to unload the images
void unloadImage(ref Image* img)
    // ...

alias ImageFlyweight = Flyweight!(Image*, loadImage, unloadImage, imageFileNames /+, FlyweightOptions.none /+ (the default) +/ +/);

void example()
        // `img1_png` is an alias for getting the "img1.png" instance
        // and is constructed by calling `loadImage(0)`
        // Notice how invalid identifier characters are replaced by underscores
        ImageFlyweight image1 = ImageFlyweight.img1_png;

        // ImageFlyweight instance is a proxy (by means of `alias this`)
        // for the loaded `Image*` instance, so member functions, fields and
        // others work like expected

        // If `FlyweightOptions.noReferenceCount` is NOT passed to template (default),
        // references are automatically counted and content is unloaded if reference
        // count reaches 0. Pass them by value for automatic reference counting
        ImageFlyweight also_image1 = image1;

        // img1_png gets unloaded

    // `image2` is constructed by `loadImage(1)`
    auto image2 = ImageFlyweight.subdir_img2_png;
    // `also_image2` contains the same instance, as it is already loaded
    auto also_image2 = ImageFlyweight.subdir_img2_png;
    assert(image2 is also_image2);

    // Its s possible to manually unload one or all instances, be careful to not access them afterwards!
    // It is safe to call unload more than once, so when `image2` and `also_image2`
    // are destructed, nothing will happen
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