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autoscanning + DI (with dejector fork) + ...

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This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

glue-d:indexer - autoscanning implementation

glue-d:utils - Common utilities from glue-d, extracted for the sake of other packages extraction

glue-d:logging - With 'optional' being a sole dependency provides unified logging for compile- and runtime

glue-d:annotations - Annotations = DLang UDAs - the good parts; each annotation needs to be a value, there are extendable facilities to control usage (repetitions, targets, etc) of annotations and to query for them.


master: master status

dev: dev status

Bunch of different D-lang tools glued together with some sprinkles on top.

The point is to implement autoscanning, implement some annotation system (both done) then glue together a bunch of other projects: forked dejector for DI, mirror for reflection. Together with that this will become full application context, with runtime features, like autowiring, inheritance inspection and instantiation, as well as compile-time component scan, stereotyping, auto-implementation of interfaces, etc.

Next integrations will probably include vibe-d and maybe some data drivers.

Heavily inspired by Spring.


bold are WIP and highest prio

  • conceptual
  • Java has Beans, what should we call components? something plant-related, "seed" seems alright as "uninitialized component"
  • decide whether Glued is a infrastructure or IoC framework
    • it its IoC, then DI, etc can stay in this repo
    • it its infrastructure, then scan, indexing, logging, etc should stay here, but integrations with vibe-d, etc should be extracted to "starter bundles"
    • I think I like IoC variant better, but with minimal external deps; it should be vibe-agnostic (so, components, stereotypes, indexing, etc should stay, but there should be different integrations for vibe-d, hunt, etc)
  • figure out packaging - there are different qualifiers for source sets, they will probably be non-empty for libraries
    • figure out how to compose application from annotations pointing to scannables
    • figure out naming - what is library, what is "bundle"/"starter", etc; we need some abstraction of library you depend on, add an annotation and autoconfiguration (scanning, defaults, etc)
  • figure out configuration and resources facilities
    • we will probably string txt = import(f) to read files in compile-time
    • we need some way to package binaries like Java resources
    • probably something like indexer that reads binaries and text, then generates _resources (or similar) module with enums containing byte[]
    • it will probably be integrated with indexer
    • some resources need to be deployed with the lib, some need to be present only during the build
  • enhancements
  • property=method/postcostruct injection
  • refactor existing code to use logging
  • enhance tests
  • new features
  • annotations enhancements:
    • validation (target - written, unchecked; repeatable(0/1/n))
    • @InheritAnnotations(target=aggregate/method/field) - if present, look into superclasses and copy annotations from super
  • enhanced resolveCall and friends
    • @Param(i/name, annotations...) - repeatable, used to define param-level annotations
    • @Seed on non-config method? (that would probably require either merging dejector to this repo, duplicating resolveCall here or moving seed, the whole annotations module and probably some annotation definitions there)
  • environment (key-value pairs, value injection)
  • config utilities (environment required)
    • config inspection
    • autobinding structs/enums/simple types
  • auto-bound LogSink (config required)
  • enhance dejector to allow for aliases and qualifiers
    • additional dispatch level - resolver (key -> binding)
  • indexing scanned classes (aliases/qualifiers in dejector will be useful, but not required; implementing in parallel will probably make API more consistent)
    • indexing by inheritance hierarchy
    • by stereotypes (with runtime-available stereotype instances)
  • auto interface binding (require indexing by inheritance and qualifiers+aliases in dejector)
  • vibe-d integration
    • controller stereotype & autobinding
    • repositories?
  • Filip Malczak
Sub packages:
glue-d:indexer, glue-d:utils, glue-d:logging, glue-d:annotations
glue-d:annotations, glue-d:logging, mirror, glue-dejector, unit-threaded, optional, glue-d:utils
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