glui 0.5.0-alpha

A simple UI library designed for IsodiTools and Samerion

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Manual usage
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A simple high-level UI library designed for use in IsodiTools and Samerion. I decided to write it because making one turns out to be faster and easier than trying to make raygui or imgui work in D.

Glui has HiDPI support, which is necessary for it to work on Windows (Raylib's scissors mode is broken).

Note: If HiDPI is on in the system, fonts will be blurry, unless you load them upscaled. Use Style.loadFont instead.

It implements a tree node structure, but doesn't provide an event loop and doesn't create a window, making it easier to integrate in other projects.

It is guaranteed to work with Raylib, but might not work with other libraries or frameworks.

Glui has a decent feature set at the moment, but new features will still be added over time. It's mostly stable as of now and ready to be used. What it's missing the most, is examples and documentation on design concepts behind it.

  • Soaku
Sub packages:
glui:example-showcase, glui:example-showcase-2, glui:example-onions, glui:example-checks, glui:example-scroll, glui:example-margins, glui:example-hidpi, glui:example-map
0.5.2 2022-Aug-01
0.5.1 2022-Jul-20
0.5.0 2022-Apr-16
0.5.0-alpha 2022-Feb-21
0.4.4 2021-Nov-13
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