graphqld 5.1.4

A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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GraphqlD: A graphql implementation for the D Programming language


Graphql is a query language for apis. Given a query like for the schema in folder test.

  shipsselection(ids:[44,45]) {
    commander {

You get back json that looks like:

  "error": [],
  "data": {
    "shipsselection": [
        "id": 44,
        "commander": {
          "name": "Kathryn Janeway"
        "id": 45,
        "commander": {
          "name": "Jonathan Archer"

Graphiql type-ahead works, this makes schema introspection a lot nicer.


This graphql implementation is based on June 2018 spec.

Operation Execution

  • [x] Scalars
  • [x] Objects
  • [x] Lists of objects/interfaces
  • [x] Interfaces
  • [x] Unions
  • [x] Arguments
  • [x] Variables
  • [x] Fragments
  • [x] Directives
  • [x] Include
  • [x] Skip
  • [?] Custom (Requires changing the graphqld source)
  • [x] Enumerations
  • [x] Input Objects
  • [x] Mutations
  • [ ] Subscriptions (This needs vibe.d websocket integration)
  • [x] Async execution (when used with vibe.d blocking resolver are async by default)


  • [ ] Arguments of correct type
  • [ ] Default values of correct type
  • [x] Fields on correct type
  • [x] Fragments on composite types
  • [X] Known argument names
  • [x] Executable Definition
  • [ ] Known directives
  • [x] Known fragment names
  • [x] Known type names
  • [x] Lone anonymous operations
  • [x] No fragment cycles
  • [x] No undefined variables
  • [x] No unused fragments
  • [x] No unused variables
  • [x] Overlapping fields can be merged (this is done during execution)
  • [x] Possible fragment spreads
  • [ ] Provide non-null arguments
  • [x] Scalar leafs
  • [x] Unique argument names
  • [x] Unique directives per location
  • [x] Unique fragment names
  • [x] Unique input field names
  • [x] Unique operation names
  • [x] Unique variable names
  • [ ] Variables are input types (this is actually a strange requirement)
  • [x] Variables in allowed position
  • [x] Single root field

Schema Introspection

  • [x] __typename
  • [x] __type
  • [x] name
  • [x] kind
  • [x] description
  • [x] fields
  • [x] interfaces
  • [x] possibleTypes
  • [x] enumValues
  • [x] inputFields
  • [x] ofType
  • [x] __schema
  • [x] types
  • [x] queryType
  • [x] mutationType
  • [x] subscriptionType
  • [x] directives

Comfort Features

  • [ ] Query AST cache
  • [ ] Json to resolver argument extractor
  • [ ] SQL query generation from AST
  • [x] Custom Leaf types (e.g. GQLDCustomLeaf!(std.datetime.DateTime))

Thank you to graphql-dot for the excelent list of features


The Documentation is still WIP, please have a look at the vibe.d project in the test folder. This file gives a good overview on how to use graphqld with vibe.d.


PRs are always welcome!

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