miniorm 0.0.10

A minimalistic ORM for SQLite

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Mini ORM for SQLite3

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This is a simple ORM layer for d2sqlite3.

The architecture separate the database from the SQL tree construction. This is to make it possible to use as an ORM layer for other type of databases in the future.


Very simple ORM with single backend (SQLite3).

    auto db = Miniorm("test.db");;!Foo.where("ts <", Clock.currTime));!Foo, Foo(0, "hello", Clock.currTime), Foo(20, "world", Clock.currTime));!Foo, Foo(0, "hello", Clock.currTime), Foo(0, "world", Clock.currTime));

    import std.random : uniform;!Bar, Bar(0, uniform(0, 10), Baz("one", 3.14)));!Foo, Foo(1, "hello", Clock.currTime), Foo(3, "world", Clock.currTime));

See example/source/app.d


Oleg Butko (deviator) for writing and publishing MicroORM which MiniORM is based on. Without MicroORM this library would not have seen the light of day.

  • Joakim Brännström
d2sqlite3, unit-threaded
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