mywormnet2 1.0.1

A Worms Armageddon WormNET server

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This is MyWormNET2, a WormNET server written in the D Programming Language.

Setup instructions

Install D

You'll need a D compiler to compile MyWormNET2.

For Windows, OS X, and Debian/RPM-based Linux distributions, you can use one of the installers/packages from the D website.

On POSIX systems, you can also use the install script:

curl -fsS | bash -s dmd

Get MyWormNET2

Get MyWormNET2 using Dub

Using dub (included with DMD) is the simplest method to get MyWormNET2 running.

In a terminal / command prompt, run:

dub fetch mywormnet2

MyWormNET2 will be downloaded to Dub's package directory ($HOME/.dub/packages/mywormnet2-*/mywormnet2/).

Get MyWormNET2 using Git

This will fetch MyWormNET2 and its dependencies:

git clone --recursive
cd MyWormNET2

Get MyWormNET2 manually

You can also download and unpack the source code using zip files (not recommended):

  1. Download MyWormNET2 and the ae library.
  2. Unpack and rename the MyWormNET2-v0.0.2097 directory to MyWormNET2.
  3. Unpack and move the contents of the ae-v0.0.2097 directory to the empty MyWormNET2\ae directory.

Command-line instructions (again, not recommended):

mv MyWormNET2-v1.0.0 MyWormNET2
cd MyWormNET2
rmdir ae
mv ae-v0.0.2097 ae

Configure MyWormNET2

Copy the file mywormnet2-sample.ini to mywormnet2.ini, and edit it accordingly.

MyWormNET2 will look for its files in the current directory. See the comments for explanations of what the various options do.

Compile and run MyWormNET2

Using dub

To build and run MyWormNET2 with Dub, run:

dub run mywormnet2

If you'd like to just build an executable, use build instead of run:

dub build mywormnet2

Using rdmd

To build and run MyWormNET2 with rdmd, run:

rdmd mywormnet2

If you'd like to just build an executable, use --build-only:

rdmd --build-only mywormnet2

Configure Worms Armageddon

In order to connect to your MyWormNET2 server, players need to customize their ServerList.htm file. The file is found by default at: graphics\ServerLobby\ServerList.htm.

Alternatively, you could get your server listed in the WormNET server list.

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