primesort 1.0.0

A really stupid sorting algorithm

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Manual usage
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This is a joke sorting algorithm which should be worse than bubble sort (and is unstable too).

I just made it for fun. Use it at your own risk.

The Idea

This is actually a pessimisation of selection sort, where we do extra work with every pass.

Given an array of length N. Use the prime factors of N + 1, along with 1 and 0, as steps for various indexes (mod N), (which should each take some multiple of N steps to return to 0), to sort a subset of the array (bubble sort is simplest for the subsets).

if N + 1 is prime, use N + 2 instead, to increase the size of the subarrays. This is not strictly necessary, but it should reduce the amount of passes.

Finally shortcut if the array is already sorted.

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