pxv 2.1.3

Instant feature rich terminal image viewer

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Instant feature rich terminal image viewer (as fast as catimg, if not faster).

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1 Source

Compilation of this repository requires dlang.

  1. Clone this repo and build it with dub build -b release
  2. Copy created binary ./bin/pxv to somewhere in your path, for example ~/.local/bin/

2 Binary

  1. Go to releases and download binary.
  2. Copy downloaded binary pxv to somewhere in your path, for example ~/.local/bin/


  1. Install with any package manager of your choice. Assuming you have yay install with yay -Syu pxv or if you have pkm install with pkm install pxv

4 dub

  1. Fetch package with dub fetch pxv
  2. Build and install into /usr/bin with dub build pxv -b release -c install


| Flag | Description | Notes | | :- | :- | :- | | -c, --columns | Sets width/columns. | Can be used together with -r to set custom image size | | -r, --rows | Sets height/rows. | If -c and -m are not set will change -m to height | | -s, --size | Matches set dimention. Must be one of: width, height, fit. | Fit option will fit image automatically. Defaults to width. Gifs are always matching to fit | -C, --color | Sets color type. Must be one of: ansi8, ansi256, truecolor. | ansi8 prints with \e[$1m, ansi256 with \e[38;5;$1m and truecolor with \e[38;2;$1m | | -g, --grayscale | Prints image in grayscale. | Keeps -C palette. | | -l, --lowres | Renders image in half of resolution. | Must be turned on if your terminal doesn't have support for unicode since by default pxv prints with "▀" and "▄". | | -i, --ascii | Uses ascii palette. | Default palette is .`^,:;!-~=+<>[]{}*JS?AX#%@ | | -p, --palette | Sets ascii palette for output. | Works only with -i flag. | | -b, --background | Disables background. | Does not work when using -l without -i. | | -o, --once | If image is gif and flag is set then it's going to do only one loop | | | -S, --still | Shows only first frame in gif | Marks image as not gif | | -f, --frame | Shows only N frame in gif | Marks image as not gif | <!-- | -u, --unicode | Uses unicode to mimic image as much as possible. | Inspired by tiv and playscii | -->





TrueColor + Ascii

Ascii + NoBackground

GIFs (excuse compression artifacts)

  • Alisa Lain
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2.1.3 2023-Dec-06
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2.1.1 2023-Apr-24
2.1.0 2023-Apr-24
2.0.0 2022-Dec-08
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