redub 1.4.6

Dub Based Build System, with parallelization per packages and easier to contribute

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

Redub - Dub Based Build System

Running redub without having it on path

  • Change directory to the project you want to build and enter in terminal dub run redub
  • You may also get help by running dub run redub -- --help

Building redub

  • Enter in terminal and execute dub
  • Highly recommended that you build it with dub -b debug-release --compiler=ldc2 since this will also improve its speed on dependency resolution
  • I would also add redub/bin to the environment variables, with that, you'll be able to simply execute redub in the folder you're in and get your project built and running

Using its library API

The usage of the library APIispretty straightforward. You get mainly 2 functions

  1. resolveDependencies which will parse the project and its dependencies, after that, you got all the project information
  2. buildProject which will get the project information and build in parallel
import redub.api;
import redub.logging;

void main()
  import std.file;
  //Enables logging on redub

  //Gets the project information
  ProjectDetails d = resolveDependencies(
    invalidateCache: false,
    CompilationDetails("dmd", "arch not yet implemented", "dmd v[2.105.0]"),
    ProjectToParse("configuration", getcwd(), "subPackage", "path/to/dub/recipe.json (optional)")

  /** Optionally, you can change some project information by accessing the details.tree (a ProjectNode), from there, you can freely modify the BuildRequirements of the project
  * d.tree.requirements.cfg.outputDirectory = "some/path";
  * d.tree.requirements.cfg.dFlags~= "-gc";

  //Execute the build process

Project Meta

Making it faster

Have you ever wondered why dub was slow? I tried solving it, but its codebase was fairly unreadable. After building this project, I've implemented features that dub don't use

  • Lazy build project configuration evaluation
  • Parallelization on build sorted by dependency
  • Faster JSON parsing
  • Fully parallelized build when only link is waiting for dependencies


  • Separate build system from package manager.
  • Have total backward compatibility on dub for initial versions.
  • On initial versions, develop using phobos only
  • Make it less stateful.
  • Achieve at least 90% of what dub does.
  • Isolate each process. This will make easier for adding and future contributors

Achieving it


  • api -> Can be freely be imported from any module
  • module -> Needs to be isolated as much as possible from each module. If one needs to communicate with other, a bridge/api may be created after the initial idea

How it works

Here are described the modules which do most of the work if someone wants to contribute.

  • buildapi: Defines the contents of build configurations, tree of projects and commons for them
  • parsers.json: Parse dub.json into a build configuration
  • parsers.automatic: Parse using an automatic parser identification
  • cli.dub + app: Parse CLI to get the build root and an initial build configuration
  • parsers.environment: Merge environment variables into build configuration
  • tree_generators.dub: Output build dependency tree while merging their configurations
  • command_generator.automatic: Convert build configuration into compilation flags
  • buildapi + building.compile: Transform build tree into dependency order tree
  • building.compile: Spawn build processes for the dependencies until it links

Contributor Attracting

  • Isolate module as much as possible to attract contributors working on self contained modules which only gets input and returns an output

Starting small

  • No need to handle edge cases in the beginning. They may become even separate modules.

A week project

  • This project had a small start. I gave one week for doing it, but since it was very succesful on its achievements, I decided to extend a little the deadline for achieving support. Right now, it has been tested with

Working examples

Those projects were fairly tested while building this one

  • dub
  • glui
  • dplug
  • arsd-official
  • Hipreme Engine

Package manager

  • Will be implemented as a hook in the build system. I'm accepting PRs, but I'm not implementing myself.
  • Hipreme
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