rx 0.13.0

Reactive Extensions for D Programming Language.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

Reactive Extensions for D Programming Language

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This is a library like Rx.NET for asynchronous or event based programs, based on the concept of OutputRange.

The operators' name is based on std.algorithm and ReactiveX.

import rx;
import std.conv : to;
import std.range : iota, put;

void main()
    // create own source of int
    auto subject = new SubjectObject!int;

    // define result array
    string[] result;

    // define pipeline and subscribe
    // sequence: source -> filter by even -> map to string -> join to result
    auto disposable = subject.filter!(n => n % 2 == 0).map!(o => to!string(o))
        .doSubscribe!(text => result ~= text);

    // set unsubscribe on exit
    // it is not necessary in this simple example,
    // but in many cases you should call dispose to prevent memory leaks.
    scope (exit)

    // put values to source. 
    put(subject, iota(10));

    // result is like this
    assert(result == ["0", "2", "4", "6", "8"]);

And more examples or Documents


Setting dependencies in dub.json

    "dependencies": {
        "rx": "~>0.10.0"

or dub.sdl

dependency "rx" version="~>0.10.0"


Basic interfaces

All operators are written using template and struct for optimization. this example is a binary interface like std.range.interfaces.

//module rx.disposable
interface Disposable
    void dispose();

//module rx.observer
interface Observer(E) : OutputRange!E
    //void put(E obj); //inherits from OutputRange!E
    void completed();
    void failure(Exception e);

//module rx.observable
interface Observable(E)
    alias ElementType = E;
    Disposable subscribe(Observer!E observer);

Supported Compilers

Supported compilers are dmd and ldc that latest 3 versions.


This library is under the MIT License. Some code is borrowed from Rx.NET.


Issue and PullRequest are welcome! :smiley:

Refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


Build and unittest
git clone https://github.com/lempiji/rx
cd rx
dub test
Update documents

Use https://github.com/adamdruppe/adrdox

Future work

  • generic observable factory
    • create, start, timer, interval
  • more subjects
    • publish, connectable
  • more algorithms
    • window, multicast
  • more test
  • more documents
  • lempiji
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