skeleton 0.0.3

Skeletal directory and file creational utility

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Creates skeleton directories and files based upon skeleton files


  • Basic file manipulation format
  • Github repository integration
  • Github gist integration
  • Bitbucket repository support for both git and mercurial
  • Regex find and replace within files
  • Arguments from command line ($0..$x) for simple format
  • Lua support, with ability to directly interface with the repository resolver.

Basic file manipulatuion format:

# Simple skeleton descriptor
# comment 2
mkdir dir_here2
regex package.json
mkdir dir3%20/docs
mynewfile relpath
dlfile myfile repo@user/somedir/somefile.d
rmdir byebye

The first line is required. This is simply a way to say what format the descriptor is in.
Comments are prepended by # on its own line.

Note it is based upon no spaces. If you want spaces in arguments, use %20 escaping.

Lua format:

-- Lua skeleton descriptor

filesText = downloadRepoFile('repo@user myfile')
stdfile.write('myfile', filesText)

filesText = downloadFile('')

stdio.writeln("Hi there! muhaha")

for v in programArgs.args do
    print("I have arg", v)
print("My project dir is", programArgs.projectdir)
print("My repo is", programArgs.repo)
  • Richard Andrew Cattermole
vibe-d, luad, de_util:core
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