sokol-d 0.1.0

D bindings for sokol

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

CI Build

Auto-generated D bindings for the sokol headers.

Status: Experimental
  • Native
  • Wasm (-Dtarget=wasm32-emscripten)



  • zig v0.12.0 or master
  • ldc v1.36.0 or latest-CI (nightly)

Supported platforms are: Windows, macOS, Linux (with X11)

On Linux install the following packages: libglu1-mesa-dev, mesa-common-dev, xorg-dev, libasound-dev (or generally: the dev packages required for X11, GL and ALSA development)

# build sokol library + all examples [default: static library]
zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseFast

# build sokol shared library + all examples
zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseFast -Dshared

# Run Examples
zig build run-blend -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-clear -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-cube -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-debugtext_print -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-mrt -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-saudio -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-sgl_context -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-user_data -Doptimize=ReleaseFast
zig build run-triangle -Doptimize=ReleaseFast

zig build --help
# Project-Specific Options:
#   -Dgl=[bool]                  Force OpenGL (default: false)
#   -Dwgpu=[bool]                Force WebGPU (default: false, web only)
#   -Dx11=[bool]                 Force X11 (default: true, Linux only)
#   -Dwayland=[bool]             Force Wayland (default: false, Linux only, not supported in main-line headers)
#   -Degl=[bool]                 Force EGL (default: false, Linux only)
#   -Dtarget=[string]            The CPU architecture, OS, and ABI to build for
#   -Dcpu=[string]               Target CPU features to add or subtract
#   -Doptimize=[enum]            Prioritize performance, safety, or binary size (-O flag)
#                                  Supported Values:
#                                    Debug
#                                    ReleaseSafe
#                                    ReleaseFast
#                                    ReleaseSmall
#   -Dshared=[bool]              Build sokol dynamic library (default: static)
#   -DbetterC=[bool]             Omit generating some runtime information and helper functions (default: false)
#   -DzigCC=[bool]               Use zig cc as compiler and linker (default: false)


Checkout sokol-tools for a sokol shader pipeline! It supports these D bindings and all shaders in the examples folder here have been compiled using it with -f sokol_d!

zig build shaders # (re)generate D bindings from shaders.

License and attributions

<sub> This code is released under the zlib license (see LICENSE for info). Parts of have been copied and modified from the zig-bindings ( and rust-bindings ( for sokol. </sub>

<sub> The sokol headers are created by Andre Weissflog (floooh) and sokol is released under its own license here: </sub> </br>

  • Matheus Catarino França <>
Sub packages:
sokol-d:clear, sokol-d:sgl_context, sokol-d:debugtext_print, sokol-d:triangle, sokol-d:blend, sokol-d:saudio, sokol-d:mrt, sokol-d:cube, sokol-d:user_data
0.1.2 2024-Jun-02
0.1.1 2024-May-12
0.1.0 2024-Feb-01
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