tern 0.2.15

General-purpose and diverse library intended to expand upon Phobos

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Manual usage
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Functional programming

  • tern.algorithm algorithms, lazy ranges, and common range functionality.
  • tern.algorithm.iteration
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_filter
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_map
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_substitute
  • tern.algorithm.mutation
  • tern.algorithm.range
  • tern.algorithm.searching
  • tern.functional various implementations for functional programming and iteration.
  • plane for arbitrary iteration with a predicate across a range.
  • tern.lambda utilities for working with lambdas, specialized for range lambdas.
  • provides support for invoking lambdas dynamically based on arguments, ie: (ref index, element, sum) => ... and everything in-between.

Meta programming

  • tern.typecons.variant.VadType for partial mocking and arbitrary field modification/addition.
  • tern.accessors automatic accessor/property generation with support for any flags that are present.
  • tern.blit utilities for type data blitting and dynamically getting information from ranges.
  • tern.ctrand comptime random number generation.
  • inherently very flawed beyond articulation.
  • tern.lambda lambda specialized template instantiation and invocation.
  • tern.meld function map generation and custom inheritance.
  • tern.meta tiny algorithms and comparisons for AliasSeq.
  • tern.traits expansion on std.traits.
  • more comparisons, better comparisons, and generation of signatures of type members.


  • tern.atomic improved atomic operations, built upon core.atomic.
  • tern.concurrency arbitrary threaded function execution and parallel processing
  • await and async for calling a function on a new thread.
  • tern.typecons.security.Atomic for wrapping any type to be thread-safe (not accounting for statics.)
  • tern.experimental.monitor creating and deleting object monitors.


  • tern.eval equation evaluator.
  • tern.integer arbitrary sized integers.
  • tern.matrix matrix implementation backed by tern.vector.
  • tern.tensor tensor implementation backed by tern.matrix.
  • tern.vector vector implementation backed by SIMD vectors.


  • tern.experimental.constexpr data segment allocated type wrapper.
  • tern.experimental.ds_allocator data segment allocator.
  • tern.experimental.heap_allocator fast slab-based heap allocator with optional thread-safety.
  • tern.stream.memory_stream simple, fast memory stream.
  • tern.memory various general-purpose memory utilities.
  • hardware-accelerated copy and memset.
  • makeEndian for making data be of an endianness.
  • tern.serialization serialization for arbitrarily typed data.


  • tern.stream various different performant stream implementations.
  • tern.stream.atomic_stream
  • tern.stream.binary_stream
  • tern.stream.memory_stream
  • tern.stream.file_stream
  • tern.algorithm algorithms, lazy ranges, and common range functionality
  • tern.algorithm.iteration
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_filter
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_map
  • tern.algorithm.lazy_substitute
  • tern.algorithm.mutation
  • tern.algorithm.range
  • tern.algorithm.searching
  • tern.string algorithms and utilities for working with strings.
  • tern.serialization serialization for arbitrarily typed data.
  • tern.state enum flags and mask interactions.
  • tern.hresult Windows HResult implementation.


  • tern.digest digest implementation and crypto algorithms.
  • tern.digest.adler32
  • tern.digest.anura
    • Anura256 Anura1024
  • tern.digest.berus
  • tern.digest.chacha20
  • tern.digest.cipher imports all ciphers.
  • tern.digest.circe
  • tern.digest.cityhash
  • tern.digest.crc32
  • tern.digest.djb2
  • tern.digest.elfhash
  • tern.digest.fnv1
  • tern.digest.gimli
  • tern.digest.hash implements all hashes.
  • tern.digest.hight
  • tern.digest.md5
  • tern.digest.mira
    • Mira256 Mira512
  • tern.digest.murmurhash
  • tern.digest.rc4
  • tern.digest.ripemd
  • tern.digest.salsa20
  • tern.digest.sha
    • SHA1 SHA256 SHA512 SHA224 SHA384
  • tern.digest.superfasthash
  • tern.digest.tea
  • tern.digest.xxhash
  • tern.typecons.security.Blind timing/power attack protected type wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.security.Opaque auto-encrypted type wrapper.


  • tern.typecons.automem
  • tern.typecons.automem.Unique scope-disposed non-reassignable/copyable pointer.
  • tern.typecons.automem.Scoped scope-disposed reassignable/copyable pointer.
  • tern.typecons.automem.RefCounted ref-counted reassignable/copyable pointer.
  • tern.typecons.automem.Tracked cache -> free based pointer.
  • tern.typecons.automem.Disposable scope-disposed type wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.common
  • tern.typecons.common.BlackHole
  • tern.typecons.common.WhiteHole
  • tern.typecons.common.Nullable (yes it's actually nullable)
  • tern.typecons.common.Singleton
  • tern.typecons.common.Enumerable copy-based un-immutable range wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.common.Enumerable copy-based un-immutable type wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.security
  • tern.typecons.security.Atomic
  • tern.typecons.security.Blind timing/power attack protected type wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.security.Opaque auto-encrypted type wrapper.
  • tern.typecons.variant
  • tern.typecons.variant.VadType


  • tern.experimental.assembly assembly shenannigans and ABI support.
  • tern.hardware hardware identification and features.
  • tern.exception parser oriented throwing with highlighting.
  • tern.benchmark configurable parameterized benchmarking with global benchmark keeping.
  • tern.exec
  • tern.regex
  • cet
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