tinygltf 1.1.0

A tiny D gltf model loader for gltf encoded in json.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

A tiny gltf model loader for gltf encoded in json.

TinyGLTF is a D glTF 2.0 https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF library for loading embedded json gltf models. This only supports pure JSON encoded (embedded) models so you can load them up into your cool game.

I'm still working on this so the readme is going to look a bit bad.

For now, you can kind of follow this to use it in D maybe (It's C++): A Link To A Minetest Project Thing

Keep in mind that you just create a Model object with a file location, then load it using loadFile() which will return a success boolean. See the unit test at the bottom of the source file.

Change Log:

v1.1.0: Added animation.

v1.0.10: Typed in the wrong word.

v1.0.9: Last attempt to make DUB work with this thing.

v1.0.8: Let's try it again.

v1.0.7: Literally just modify one thing.

v1.0.6: File name now matches the module.

v1.0.5: Documented everything into DDOC.

v1.0.4: Removed bloat, overhauled DDOC.

v1.0.3: Tested something in DDOC on dub.

v1.0.2: Fixed it not being a module. (Thanks Adam!)

v1.0.1: Became it's own repo instead of a fork.

v1.0.0: It actually runs, woo. Translated from C to D.

See the original repo here.

This was created by syoyo. But I basically gutted it and D-ified it.

  • Syoyo Fujita
  • jordan4ibanez
1.1.0 2023-Feb-28
1.0.10 2023-Feb-25
1.0.9 2023-Feb-25
1.0.8 2023-Feb-25
1.0.7 2023-Feb-25
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