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Terminal UI.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


  • Simple tui lib for dlang ** Demos
  • [[][Canvas]]

** Features

  • no ncurses: /
  • (easier to handle colors e.g.)
  • no dependency
  • KEY_RESIZE to react on terminal resizes
  • ansi colors are nice, but hard for clipping
  • signal handler for windowsize changes

Todos DONE BUG for popups the underlying root does not "loos" focus atm DONE implement ScrollPane DONE implement ansi skipping drop and take DONE implement buffering of terminal output to reduce flickering * DONE implement popups CLOSED: [2022-06-17 Fri 23:25]

  • CLOSING NOTE [2022-06-17 Fri 23:25] several roots ... focus goes only to the topmost NOT introduce container DONE implement arrow keys *** DONE implement automatic focus strategy CLOSED: [2022-06-19 Sun 23:26]
  • CLOSING NOTE [2022-06-19 Sun 23:26] depth first search for focusable component and DONE for history make redraw not always relayout CLOSED: [2022-06-05 Sun 12:08] DONE implement -int splits for vsplit CLOSED: [2022-06-11 Sat 00:57] DONE implement proper event bubbling or somethign else (e.g. only the details view gets the events, or some signal slot thing) CLOSED: [2022-06-12 Sun 22:29] DONE implement multiline text CLOSED: [2022-06-20 Mon 23:33]
  • Christian Koestlin
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0.0.1 2022-Aug-26
~main 2023-Jul-05
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