uim 24.4.1

UIM framework for building web applications

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

uim:core - Core D-Library for the uim framework

uim:oop - D-Library for core OOP functionalities

uim:apps - D-Library for creating and managing apps

uim:ai - D-Library for creating ai solutions

uim:caches - D-Library for managing caches

uim:collections - D-Library for collections

uim:commands - D-Library for command management

uim:consoles - D-Library for using consoles

uim:controllers - D-Library for mvc controller management

uim:css - D-Library for working with CSS

uim:databases - D-Library for database management

uim:datasources - D-Library for using datasources

uim:entitybases - D-Library for managing entity databases

uim:errors - D-Library for error handling

uim:events - D-Library for event handling

uim:filesystems - D-Library for filesystem management

uim:forms - D-Library for using forms in views

uim:genetics - D-Library for genetic algorithms

uim:gui - D-Library for creating guis

uim:html - D-Library for working with HTML

uim:i18n - D-Library for localization

uim:jsonbases - D-Lib for json databases

uim:languages - D-Library for programming languages

uim:logging - D-Library for using logging

uim:models - D-Lib for mvc models

uim:mvc - D-Library for the mvc pattern

uim:neural - D-Library for neural nets

uim:orm - D-Library for orm management

uim:routings - D-Library for routings in web apps

uim:scriptings - D-Library for scripting

uim:securities - D-Library for secuity management

uim:services - D-Library for handling services

uim:sites - D-Library for creating and managing sites

uim:validations - Validation package for creating and using validators that can easily validate any data.

uim:views - D-Library for view management

uim:web - D-Library for general web uses

D License


uim (Short for UI Manufaktur) is a library and framework for creating web business applications. Contains

  • uim-core D
  • uim-oop D
  • uim-databases D
  • uim-datasources D
  • uim-forms D
  • Ozan Nurettin Süel
Sub packages:
uim:core, uim:oop, uim:apps, uim:ai, uim:caches, uim:collections, uim:commands, uim:consoles, uim:controllers, uim:css, uim:databases, uim:datasources, uim:entitybases, uim:errors, uim:events, uim:filesystems, uim:forms, uim:genetics, uim:gui, uim:html, uim:i18n, uim:jsonbases, uim:languages, uim:logging, uim:models, uim:mvc, uim:neural, uim:orm, uim:routings, uim:scriptings, uim:securities, uim:services, uim:sites, uim:validations, uim:views, uim:web
uim:views, uim:controllers, uim:securities, uim:ai, uim:filesystems, uim:oop, uim:validations, uim:entitybases, uim:services, uim:mvc, uim:neural, uim:apps, uim:web, uim:collections, uim:events, uim:logging, uim:languages, uim:genetics, uim:databases, uim:core, uim:i18n, uim:gui, uim:errors, uim:caches, uim:jsonbases, uim:routings, uim:consoles, uim:html, uim:sites, uim:scriptings, uim:orm, uim:css, uim:models, uim:forms, uim:commands, uim:datasources
24.4.1 2024-Mar-31
24.3.1 2024-Mar-01
24.1.2 2024-Jan-29
24.1.1 2024-Jan-05
~main 2024-Jun-20
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