zipper 0.0.5

D wrapper around libzip

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


The wrapper for libzip that allows to deal with zip-archives with ease.

Project status

Currently project is in alpha stage, thus everything may be changed.


// Read zip archive
auto zip = Zipper(Path("test-data", ""));

zip.num_entries;  // returns number of entries

foreach(entry; zip.entries) {  // List content of zip repo
    writeln(, entry.size);

// Read the entry from zip archive as array of chars.
// Currently there is no checks for type provided for template.
// Seems to be working with char and byte types.

// Extract archive to some destination
zip.extractTo(Path("path", "to", "dest"));

// There is no need to close archive, it will be closed automatically
// when last reference to zip will be destroyed (in this case when zip var
// will be destroyed
// Create new archive
auto zip = Zipper(Path("test-data", ""), ZipMode.CREATE);

// Create directory inside archive

// Add file to archive
zip.addEntryFile(Path("path", "to", "file"), "my-dir/my-file.txt");

// Note that all changes will be written when archve close.
// Also, Zipper archive will be automatically closed when last reference
// to archive destroyed (Zipper uses RefCounted struct over libzip's zip_t
// object).


This library is licensed under MPL-2.0 license. The libzip library is licensed under MIT license.

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