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Name Last update Score Registered Description
doveralls 1.4.1, 4 years ago 2.92014-Aug-01Upload D code coverage results to
inochi2d 0.7.2, 2 years ago 2.92021-Jun-06A bring-your-own-renderer realtime 2D puppet library
dlangide 0.8.17, 6 years ago 2.92015-Jan-27Cross platform D language IDE based on dlangui library
decentralized-internet 3.6.9, 4 years ago 2.92020-Jan-13A library for building distributed web and grid computing projects.
colorize 1.0.5, 10 years ago 2.82014-Jul-10A port of Ruby's colorize library to D.
phobos 2.103.0-rc.1, 12 months ago 2.82018-Jun-24D Standard Library
raylib-d 4.2.4, 2 years ago 2.82021-Apr-21D binding for Raylib
openssl-static 1.0.2+3.0.8, a year ago 2.82023-Feb-18Provides pre-compiled, static OpenSSL binaries for various platforms
zeromq 6.1.2+zmq-4-3-2, 5 years ago 2.82013-Apr-24Interface to the C ZeroMQ library
rm-rf 0.1.0, 6 years ago 2.82018-Apr-04Delete folders recursively on windows with read-only content such as a .git folder
isfreedesktop 0.1.1, 8 years ago 2.82016-Mar-10Compile-time constant for Freedesktop.
dauth 0.6.4, 5 years ago 2.82014-Apr-06Authentication utility for systems based on salted password hashes.
protobuf 0.6.2, 4 years ago 2.72018-Jan-03D runtime library for Google Protocol Buffers
bindbc-lua 0.5.1, 2 years ago 2.72019-Oct-20Dynamic and static bindings to Lua 5.1 and later, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
d-unit 0.10.2, 3 years ago 2.72014-Jul-31xUnit Testing Framework for D
zmqd 1.3.0, 2 years ago 2.72013-Dec-22A safe and convenient wrapper for the ZeroMQ messaging framework
psd-d 0.6.2, 2 years ago 2.72021-Sep-15D PSD parsing library
silly 1.2.0-dev.2, 2 years ago 2.72018-Aug-12Better test runner for D
dmarkdown 0.3.0, 5 years ago 2.72014-Dec-24Markdown to HTML processor
gl3n 1.4.1, 3 years ago 2.72013-Apr-07OpenGL Maths for D (not glm for D but better).

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