cruddyorm 0.0.1

A cruddy ORM for vibe and postgresql

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


CruddyORM is a simple object relational mapping library for postgresql and vibe.d.

Why use it?

Because you're tired of writing manual converters from SQL result set rows to your structs.

It's best for:

  • simple projects
  • using postgres
  • using vibe.d
  • using SQL directly

How do I use it?

import cruddyorm;
import datefmt;

struct Person
    UUID id;
    string name;
    SysTime birthday;

void main()
    cruddyorm.connectionString = "dbname=people username=minnie password=mouse";
    auto p = Person(
        "Minnie Mouse",
        datefmt.parse("1928-11-18", ISO8601FORMAT));

    // Creates and closes its own connection

    // Performs several queries with the same connection
        conn.queryConn!Person("SELECT * FROM persons WHERE name = ?",


  • It only supports one database.
  • It assumes that you only want to persist fields, not properties.
  • It assumes that the id field is a UUID named id.
  • It uses std.experimental.logger instead of vibe's logging. Vibe doesn't offer a topic-based logging configuration, so that wouldn't let the ORM be stricter about its logging than application code.
  • It doesn't do connection pooling.
  • It supports a narrow collection of types natively.
  • It assumes your tables are named according to an overly simple convention: type "Review" is backed by table "reviews", type "Party" is backed by table "partys", type "Child" is backed by table "childs", etc.

A lot of these are problems that will be fixed in the fullness of time.

Why not hibernated?

Hibernated is a good option. You should prefer hibernated if it works for you. It doesn't work with vibe.d, though, and it doesn't work well with std.uuid.

Why not entity?

Entity is another good option. It promotes the use of a query builder, which is a good thing for ensuring your queries have correct types. It also insulates you from writing DB-specific SQL.

In the real world, you're going to write DB-specific SQL, and a SQL generator will occasionally produce bad results. I didn't see a way to write raw SQL queries.

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