gdal2 2.1.2

Binding to GDAL library C interface.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


D language binding to GDAL C interface


The GDAL website is and has a lot of documentation. When reading the documentation and tutorials, remember this binding was created for the C-API.


Current binding is to GDAL 2.1.0.


Currently the vast majority of the C-interface in gdal.h has bindings created. The virtual memory portion of the API has not had bindings created yet. If I had created bindings for these functions, it would have required a whole host of other header files be binded also, and the API was quickly growing larger than I want to maintain.

The modules other gdal were created to support the interface provided by gdal.h and gdal.d. As a result they may be incomplete, or they may be trimmed in future versions. The exception is the gdal.cpl.conv, which while it is incomplete provides bindings to CPLMalloc and CPLFree. CPLFree is necessary to free (usually) strings returned by some gdal functions.


The most likely bugs will relate to the use of const. The mapping from C to D is not so straightforward, and so much of this was done by hand.

Memory Management

Many of the GDAL functions require a supplied buffer. That buffer may be managed on the D garbage collected heap, via the standard malloc/free functions, or using CPLMalloc and CPLFree.

Operating Systems

When htod was run, it was done on a Windows system. GDAL is well written in terms of portability, but it has not been tested on non-Windows operating systems.

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