inochi2d 0.8.4

A bring-your-own-renderer realtime 2D puppet library

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Inochi2D is a library for realtime 2D puppet animation and the reference implementation of the Inochi2D Puppet standard. Inochi2D works by deforming 2D meshes created from layered art at runtime based on parameters, this deformation tricks the viewer in to seeing 3D depth and movement in the 2D art.

Video from Beta 0.7.2, [LunaFoxgirlVT](, model art by [kpon](


For Riggers and VTubers

If you're a model rigger you may want to check out Inochi Creator, the official Inochi2D rigging app in development. If you're a VTuber you may want to check out Inochi Session. This repository is purely for the standard and is not useful if you're an end user.



Documentation is currently in the process of being written for the spec and the official tools. You can find the official documentation page here.


Supported platforms

The reference implementation available here currently requires a OpenGL 3.1 context to function, inInit should be called after a OpenGL 3.1 (or higher) context has been established.

We will be working on splitting the rendering out from the frontend, so that developers can plug their own backend in. We provide inochi2d-c as a way to use this library from non-D languages, additionally a second workgroup is making a pure Rust implementation of the Inochi2D specification over at Inox2D.


The Inochi2D logo was designed by James Daniel

  • Luna Nielsen
imagefmt, i2d-opengl, inmath, fghj
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