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Library of reusable miscellanea

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Miscellaneous general-purpose library modules. Nothing extraordinary.

What it is

API documentation can be found here.

In summary:

  • core/conv.d: Conversion functions and templates.
  • core/meld.d: Melding, or taking two structs/classes of the same type and merging the two.
  • core/string.d: String manipulation functions and templates; notably nom which advances a string passed a supplied substring.
  • core/traits.d: Miscellaneous traits and cleverness.
  • core/uda.d: Some user-defined attributes used here and there.
  • common.d: Things that don't have a better home yet.
  • json.d: Convenience wrappers around a JSONValue.
  • net.d: Connection helpers, including Fibers that resolve addresses, connect to servers and read full strings from connections.
  • objmanip.d: Struct/class manipulation, such as setting a member field by its string name.
  • serialisation.d: Functions and templates for serialising structs into an .ini file-like format.


  • figure out better subpackaging


This project is licensed under the MIT license - see the LICENSE file for details.

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