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Name Last update Score Registered Description
vibe-d 0.9.6, 12 months ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
d-metal-binding 1.0.10, 12 months ago 0.52023-Mar-10extern(Objective-C) bindings to Apple's metal
slf4d 2.1.1, 12 months ago 3.12023-Feb-15Simple Logging Facade For D
grimoire 0.8.1, 12 months ago 2.02018-Apr-25A fast, concurrent based scripting language for D
fuzzymatch 1.0.0, 12 months ago 1.22023-Mar-20Dead-simple, efficient string and array fuzzy matching library (string.contains, but better)
my 0.0.39, 12 months ago 1.52020-Jul-15A library collection of algorithms and data structures for personal use
libsnooze 0.3.3, 12 months ago 0.72023-Feb-23A wait/notify mechanism for D
handy-httpd 5.6.2, 12 months ago 4.32022-Jan-07Extremely lightweight HTTP server for D.
slf4d-dlog 1.0.0, 12 months ago 0.52023-Mar-02DLog provider implementation for SLF4D
playdate 1.13.0, 12 months ago 0.42022-Sep-07D bindings to the Playdate SDK
vibe-core 2.1.0, 12 months ago 4.62016-Oct-24The I/O core library of vibe.d.
graphqld 4.0.4, 12 months ago 3.12019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
eventcore 0.9.25, 12 months ago 4.72016-Jun-18Pro-actor based abstraction layer over operating system asynchronous I/O facilities.
dynamic 1.0.0, 12 months ago 1.42017-Oct-15Generates dynamic bindings from static bindings at compile time
unit-threaded 2.1.5, 12 months ago 5.02013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
amalthea 1.4.0, 12 months ago 0.02021-Jul-14Linux-specific general purpose library
styx2000 1.0.9, 12 months ago 1.52021-Aug-29Low-level, minimal implementation of Styx protocol (9P protocol from Plan 9/Inferno)
mir-blas 1.1.17, 12 months ago 4.12017-May-26ndslice wrapper for BLAS
birchwood 1.3.2, 12 months ago 0.42022-Nov-01A sane IRC framework for the D language
dcd 0.16.0-beta.1, 12 months ago 4.92016-Jan-14The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete program for the D programming language
bindbc-opus 0.0.3, 12 months ago 0.52023-Mar-15Static & dynamic bindings to Opus, compatible with BetterC, @nogc and nothrow.
bindbc-common 0.0.3, 12 months ago 0.52023-Mar-11Code used by various BindBC libraries.
dmd 2.103.0-rc.1, 12 months ago 3.42017-Jul-17The DMD compiler
monty 0.0.4, 12 months ago 1.52022-Nov-23Makes the Python C API available to D
dpp 0.5.1, 12 months ago 4.32018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
libclang 0.3.1, 12 months ago 3.32018-Mar-07libclang bindings / wrappers for D
remove-shortcut-arrow 1.0.2, 12 months ago 1.62023-Mar-10Remove arrows from Windows shortcut icons.
cogito 1.6.0, 12 months ago 0.32022-May-04 Cognitive Complexity code metric for D
bindbc-sdl 1.3.3, 12 months ago 4.72018-Oct-18Static & dynamic bindings to SDL and the SDL_* libraries, compatible with BetterC, @nogc and nothr…
phobos 2.103.0-rc.1, 12 months ago 2.82018-Jun-24D Standard Library
jsonwrap 1.0.5, 12 months ago 1.32016-Mar-02Just a simple wrap over dlang std.json
boilerplate 1.9.1, 12 months ago 0.92018-Oct-10D boilerplate code generator
symmetry-linux 0.0.13, 12 months ago 2.42019-Dec-10Linux declarations missing from druntime
mir-optim 2.0.5, 12 months ago 3.22018-Jul-08Optimisation Framework
poodinis-proper-d-injector 2.0.0, 12 months ago 0.82016-Dec-26A proper-d-based value injector for Poodinis.
mirage-injector 2.0.0, 12 months ago 0.52022-Nov-28A Poodinis value injector for reading config files using Mirage Config
poodinis 9.0.0, 12 months ago 4.52014-Jun-03A dependency injection framework with support for autowiring.
gitea-irc-bot 0.0.2, 12 months ago 0.12023-Mar-12A Gitea webhook-based IRC bot
wgpu-d 0.1.2, 12 months ago 0.42020-Oct-24D bindings to wgpu-native
gogga 2.1.18, 12 months ago 1.52020-Oct-29Simple VT100 colourised pretty-printing logger
razorfont 1.3.3, 12 months ago 0.92023-Mar-09A razor sharp font library for D game development.
vibelog 0.6.11, 12 months ago 2.32012-May-19A light-weight embeddable blog implementation
mir-algorithm 3.20.1, 12 months ago 4.82017-Jan-05Dlang Core Library
diskuto 1.7.3, 12 months ago 1.12017-Mar-14Embedded comment engine
userman 0.4.2, 12 months ago 0.82012-Dec-14Provides user and group storage, authentication and administration.
hyper 0.1.0, 12 months ago 0.42023-Mar-09Binding for hyper an HTTP library
bindbc-loader 1.0.3, 12 months ago 4.22018-Oct-18Cross-platform shared library loader usable with BetterC.
bindbc-glfw 1.0.2, 12 months ago 3.22018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
iopipe 0.2.4, 12 months ago 3.02017-Oct-12A modular io library in D.
doml 1.0.1, 12 months ago 0.92022-Aug-19A D math library for OpenGL and games

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